About Duncan Taylor

Duncan Taylor is a family owned business producing quality Scotch whisky, gin and rum. Our impressive portfolio includes Black Bull, The Octave, Dimensions and The Rarest.

Duncan Taylor has its origins in Glasgow where the company was initially a merchant and broker of Scotch whisky casks within the Industry.

Devotion to the principle of providing only the finest casks to be filled at Scotland’s leading distilleries has been a key feature of the company’s history.

Duncan Taylor has been laying down casks from premium Scottish distilleries for decades and now owns one of the largest privately held collections of vintage and rare scotch whisky casks.

In 2002 Duncan Taylor moved its headquarters to Huntly, on the periphery of Speyside, Scotland’s largest whisky producing region, where it has its own facilities for cask storage, bottling, a cooperage and very soon, its own distillery.

At that time, Duncan Taylor ceased the “brokering” of whisky casks to distillery companies and bottlers to focus on the production and marketing of its own brands, and diversifying the portfolio with the addition of gin and rum.

About DT Whisky Tech

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